Company Info

America’s Food Basket LLC is a Cooperative that supports and unifies independent retailers across the Northeast United States. With continuous growth on the horizon, America’s Food Basket operates within all five boroughs of New York, and expands into New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Under our three principle banners, America’s Food Basket, Ideal Food Basket and Superfi Emporium, we strive to provide a one of kind experience and aim to fill our shelves with a variety of products to our beloved customers.

America’s Food Basket is a proud sponsor of Los Rancheros Unidos, Foundation for the Blind and NSA.

Our Vision & Mission:

We strive to be your neighborhood supermarket, providing our customers and partners with a central point of support, value and a rewarding experience.

Our Culture and Seven Core Values:

  • Family
  • Diversity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Innovation
  • Customer Centric


2007 – In the earlier days, America’s Food Basket was once known as NSA Supermarkets. The COOP began with just three (3) stores located in Whitestone, NY.

2009 – AFB Headquarters moved to Brooklyn, NY

2012 – A decision was made among the group’s main members to rebrand the cooperative from NSA Supermarkets to America’s Food Basket. Under the Corporate banner, AFB would also have three brands to identify its locations by region. Those being, Ideal Food Basket, America’s Food Basket and Superfi Emporium.

December 2012 – The very first Ideal Food Basket store opened its doors to the neighborhood. Coney Island was ready for operation and to be the first store to start our growing brand.

2013 – America’s Food Basket HQ moved to Long Island, NY with a growing, young and motivated staff. As the COOP kept growing, so did the AFB Family.

2017 – Present Day, America’s Food Basket currently has 46 locations in successful operation.

Three new locations have been added this year, further expanding the cooperative in New Britain, Connecticut; Lawrence, Massachusetts and Clifton, NJ.